2024 GMC Sierra EV Makes The Ford F-150 Lightning Look Weak And Forgettable

The all-new 2024 GMC Sierra EV has been unveiled and is set to take the electric pickup truck market by storm.

With its extended range, enhanced off-roading capabilities, and impressive specs, this electric truck makes Ford’s new F-150 Lightning look like a thing of the past.

Not only does it have more than twice the range of the Lightning, but it also has an incredible 905 horsepower motor and a torque rating of 13,000 lb-ft.

It also comes with advanced safety features such as a 360° view camera system and standard autonomous emergency braking.

On top of that, its four separate battery packs are enough to get up to 480 miles on a single charge,

making it one of the most powerful electric pickups out there today.

All in all, GMC Sierra EV's cutting edge features put it well ahead of Ford's offering and make the F-150 Lightning look weak and forgettable.